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Potential Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik filming details

A few details on the filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII were shared on Star Wars Dubrovnik. These could be seen as a spoiler by some, so don’t talk about it openly on social media if you can help it. Try and be cool about it.

Our First Look At Star Wars Episode VIII Was Perfect

Star Wars Dubrovnik:

There are rumours the city’s main street might be used as a setting for an action or chase scene as the windows of the houses along the route are going to be covered in order to facilitate special effects filming later on. There is also talk of a replica of the street to have been built in a studio somewhere in the U.K., which will be used for planning the film shoot so the time spent on location is used efficiently as possible.

The details:

  • Most of the filming will be done at night. filming 4:00 pm to 4:00 am local time.
  • There will be a chase sequence.
  • They will only film for a week, but the filming is said to be intense.
Source: Bozidar Jukic from

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