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Review: Finn/Poe replica jacket from Hexder

I don’t think I’ve made it a secret that Finn is my favorite new character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m not a cosplayer really, but I just starting to dabble in it and I knew I wanted to do my version of Finn. So when the nice people at Hexder.com contacted me about possibly reviewing their version of the Finn/Poe jacket I jumped at the chance.

I’m a very petite person. Like absurdly small, so when I was in communication with Hexder I made sure about 100 times that they supplied the jacket in women’s sizes. I’d been looking around at the jacket elsewhere online and so far had not found anyone who made the jacket for women. The great news is that Hexder does make the jacket in a fit that works for women! Yay. Having said that, it’s important to remember that the style of the jacket is a men’s style. It’s not designed for women even if it fits a woman.

The first positive thing I can say about working with Hexder is that their sales and customer service teams are stellar. If I had a question I got an e-mail response within a day (sometimes less) and they were always extremely pleasant and helpful. Sometimes you deal with customer service and get the assistance you need but still feel like a piece of trash afterward. The lovely folks at Hexder always made me feel like they cared. I got e-mails from the team moments after my package arrived making sure everything was to my liking.

I did have an issue with my first order and a part of the design was sewn incorrectly. I let them know and was immediately sent a replacement. Wow. You don’t see customer service like very often any more.

Now, on to the jacket itself:

The jacket looks a lot like the one worn by Poe and Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. No, it’s not an exact replica because that would be very costly, but for the $179 price tag that a lot of replica sites are selling it at, I think it does a better than expected job of making me look like Finn. (As much as a skinny California girl can look like a Star Wars hero.) I was very pleased that the jacket I received looked exactly like the one pictured on the Web site.

The quality of the jacket is great! It’s soft but thick and seems very warm for cool nights. The lining is nice and the pockets will hold all my space junk!

As for the accuracy of the design, the leather on my jacket is soft but holds the shape that Finn’s obviously stiff jacket has. The color I think comes very very close to the actual jacket. It’s hard to tell exactly how dark Finn’s jacket is but I think my jacket from Hexder is right on if not very close. The jacket is missing the piping on the sleeves and the loops down at the bottom of the pocket are sewn out of leather and are too tight compared to the cloth versions on Finn’s jacket. Other than that and the small metal details being different, the jacket looks very much like Finn’s!

The fit of my jacket is as expected. That is to say, it fits but good not extremely well. It’s not a custom-tailored jacket, so of course it’s not fitted to me perfectly. I had high hopes that the XS would fit me well, but I knew that was a lot to expect as I normally have a hard time finding jackets that are fitted due to my small frame. The fit for me is okay. I’ll probably try and take it to a seamstress to get the sleeves taken in a bit if possible.

Overall I’m super pleased with my jacket. If you’re in the market for a replica Finn jacket I recommend you give the nice folks at Hexder a shout. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before your purchase! They’ve also recently started replicating those very pricey but cool Matchless Star Wars jackets, so that’s neat.

That’s again Hexder for helping me become my favorite new Star Wars character!

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