Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Meet the Beetles! (more trooper stuff)


The other day we came by some details on the new Stormtrooper in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The new trooper was described as:

  • It is a combination of a Scout Trooper (Biker Scout) with Stormtrooper parts.
  • On set they were called “Sandtroopers.”
  • It has a lot of soft parts like a Scout Trooper including similar chest armor, but more narrow around the hips.
  • It has the same kneepad as the classic Sandtrooper.
  • It has some accent of color like dark red on a panel.

We have now learned that while they were often called “Sandtroopers” on set, the troopers are called Scarab Troopers after the Egyptian beetles of the desert. I dig the name. It sets it apart from what we classically know as Sandtroopers and takes it up a level of cool.

Ian Hamilton did a mockup on Twitter and sent it to me:

Thanks to Ian for trying to help us visualize the Scarab Trooper!

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