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Our friend at The Kerryman has contacted us to let us know what’s up with the filming for Ahch-To in Star Wars: Episode VIII. (Ahch-To is the planet where Rey finds Luke Skywalker at the end of The Force Awakens.)

  • They’ll be filming in a spot called Ceann Sibeal in late April.
  • Shoot due to start around April 20 and last ten to 12 days.
  • Ceann Sibeal is a small headland in west Kerry (near Dingle Town which you may have heard of) with high, sheer rocky cliffs very similar to Skellig Michael.
  • The location is much easier to access (you can drive there) and it isn’t a world heritage site and environmental protection area so there will be far less controversy about the shoot.
  • It is a very good match for Skellig Michael.
  • A stonemason from South Kerry had been asked to help on the recreation of the Skellig stone huts at Pinewood Studios.

You may remember we mentioned the “beehive” huts a little while ago which is what the stonemason is working on. We heard a very similar thing about the filming length from a friend in the area recently as well. If they are in fact filming Ahch-To material at this location, it does seem like the planet will have a lot of screen time, maybe even as much as Jakku had in The Force Awakens. 

If you didn’t see the Episode VIII announcement video from yesterday check it out here.