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Star Wars: Episode VIII scouted caves in Mexico for location shooting

Star Wars: Episode VIII scouted some locations in Mexico. Apparently they’re interested in caves for the next film. A Spanish language website called writes:

“They came scoutings film and toured Tláhuac and Iztapalapa. They were interested in caves and grottoes species is there. Due to its characteristics, they thought they could pretend to be from another planet,” the staff confirmed Film Commission of Mexico City.

Could these caves be for something related to the Jedi Temple Luke Skywalker went after, or something more sinister? Generally going into a cave in a Star Wars story ends up with something trippy happening.

Shanghai Daily also covered the news and added filming in Mexico isn’t totally ruled out yet:

“Remember that the filming of Episode VIII already began in Ireland and that Star Wars: Rogue One has already made headway in this (area) since August, but that doesn’t mean the production has ruled out filming something in our country,” the daily said.

So there we have it. Caves. In the earliest version of Return of the Jedi the Ewoks actually lived underground in caves and the rebels went in there to meet the space bears. Space Bear Industries…. it all makes sense now!


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