Star Wars Episode VIII set spotted in Dubrovnik

A set from Star Wars: Episode VIII has been spotted in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This particular set is actually being built on a street called Stradun, according to The Dubrovnik Times. There’s a few images showing how the street now looks. Here’s a image of what the street looked like before:

Dubrovnik at night, Croatia, Franciscan Monastery on Stradun, pictures of Croatia by travel photographer and panoramic photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis
And here’s what it looks like after:


Its starting to look very Star Wars-y to me. It’ll be interesting to see if any actors will be spotted here on set to give us a better idea on what these scenes might be. The first image of this set is actually a souvenir shop. Check out a quote from The Dubrovnik Times:


“This souvenir shop of the Stradun is in the process of being transformed into a distant world.”

So pretty cool again to see Episode VIII sets starting to pop up. Hopefully we will know more in the next few weeks. Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters December 15th, 2017!


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