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Star Wars Rebels, you’re breaking my heart. I’m done with digital Star Wars releases

Star Wars Rebels, you’re breaking my heart. You’re going down a path I cannot follow.

Star Wars Rebels has really disappointed me. I feel like just closing the door on it and sticking to the films, comics, and novels. In a day and age when people torrent so much television, one would assume the consumers that refuse to take those paths would be respected, revered, and rewarded by the content creators. Star Wars Rebels has done the exact opposite this week.

The gist goes a little like this: I bought Star Wars Rebels season 2’s season pass the day it went for sale on It was listed as Star Wars Rebels Season 2.  I believe I spent $28.99 on it. Admittedly it is a good price. I didn’t think anything of it as I’m buying really early as I support the show. I’m invested in it, and I want to watch it in a standard of quality higher than the broadcast version and there was no question in my mind I wanted Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels. 

As the season trucks along, I get my episodes of the show and everything seems fine. Until I sat down to watch the current episode on Amazon and it isn’t listed in my new shows. I didn’t get an e-mail saying there was a new episode to watch, which happens sometimes. It turns out they have moved all of the episodes after the first ten episodes of season 2 into “season 3.” We know there isn’t a third season on television yet.

Was this their plan all along? If it was the plan, they messed up by making the consumer believe they were buying all of season 2 when they bought the season 2 pass on various digital platforms. I’ve now learned they’ve discounted the second volume of season 2 to attempt to make things right. It doesn’t make this right.

I can honestly tell you that I would not have jumped onto the digital bandwagon with Star Wars Rebels at a price point higher than owning the Blu-ray with extras. When you get down to it, it isn’t that much money (well it is to some and not to others). For me, the bait and switch nature of the sell is what offends me. When you sell a “season pass” you are selling the entire season. That’s what that means. You don’t get to redefine that!

I can’t lie–my finger is itching to buy the rest of the season. But it is so offensively unfair and so mismanaged of a maneuver that I feel we can’t trust Disney to manage these things accordingly and it makes sense to just stick to Blu-rays on all future Star Wars releases.

I purchased the opening “film” Siege of Lothal for somewhere around $8 when it hit. I bought the season for about $30. Now they want to add another $20 after purposely or accidentally misleading me? No thanks, guys! You’re not getting $60 for Season 2 from me digitally.

I am not looking for a reason to moan and complain. I love Star Wars. This was not cool.


This story goes for all people on all platforms, my experience was just on Amazon.

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