The Han Solo Dissection Part 1 of 2: “The Cantina Cast” Episode 116

Mike and Joao welcome “Cantina Cast” blogger Ted to help them do one their most anticipated character dissections, Han Solo.



In this episode:

  • The Han Solo we meet in A New Hope
  • Han shooting first
  • Jabba confronting Han
  • Han and the Falcon
  • Han Solo the atheist?
  • Han meets Leia
  • Han comes back to help Luke
  • Han in The Empire Strikes Back
  • How much has Han changed since A New Hope?
  • Han confessing his feelings for Leia
  • Searching for Luke on Hoth
  • Is Han the best damn pilot in the galaxy?
  • The kiss
  • Han and Lando’s relationship
  • Would Han do what Lando did on Bespin?
  • Han shoots first at Darth Vader
  • The Part I wrap up and much more

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Twitter: @thecantinacast


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