The Han Solo Dissection Part 2 of 2: Episode 118 of “The Cantina Cast”

Mike, Joao, and Ted come back to finish the job on the Han Solo Dissection. If you enjoy the show please rate and review us on iTunes or whichever player you listen on–it’s a huge help and goes along way! dyqs7uez

In this episode:

Han Solo thawed out and has to confront Jabba the Hutt
Does Han believe in the Jedi way?
Lando and Han’s relationship in Return of the Jedi
With Jabba dead, Han seems to go all in with the Rebels
Han giving Lando the Falcon
Han and Leia’s relationship
Han taking on the hardest part of the mission to destroy Death Star II
Han and Leia’s happy ending?
Han Solo’s epic return in The Force Awakens
Back to his smuggling ways
The mention of Luke awakens Han
Does Han talk his way out of things?
Maz and Han’s relationship
Leia and Han meet again
Han thinking their son is gone forever
Han confronts his son
The wrap up of Han Solo’s character

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