A tiny glimpse inside the on-set security for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A Chinese Language blog, tech.sina.com.cn, has provided an insider perspective on Disney security.  Its source, an actor, regularly visited the Pinewood set in London for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. After discussing a lot of routine security stuff, the piece gets into the unique side of the security process:
After that, a member of the security staff will put a small piece of tape over your phone, camera etc to seal the lens. If the tape is removed, it will change colors. When you exit, the security staff will check the tape to make sure that you are not secretly taking any unauthorized photos.
The steps taken are interesting. However, the amount of cell phone photos from the set floating around is still staggering. I’m guessing the two-way camera system means things slip by from time to time. TMZ has shown it happens and a lot of photos have been seen on sources’ phones by me personally.
Rogue One X-wing 1
(Thanks to Kevan for the help with this story.)
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