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Dubrovnik Star Wars: Episode VIII filming has more “space horse” and who was on it! Pics and more!

Star Wars Episode VIII Completes Day 1 Filming!

Upfront, we had to remove the images of the “Space Horse” as I jokingly called it. It kind of drives me nuts because you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, but that’s life. You can see the head of the “Space Horse” in this morning’s update but the photo from Dulist showing the whole body has been removed. Here’s the head again:



In various photos we’ve confirmed what our buddy in Dubrovnik said in the quote below:

In an afternoon chitchat, our friend (who is part of a certain crew) has informally confirmed having seen not one but actually two persons riding the “space horse” yesterday.
It appears as if Finn is riding the “space horse” with Kelly Marie Tran but some think it is Rey and that’s possible. If you recall, we knew the two tested together before Daisy Ridley got the role (and Boyega tested with a few other women, too). I can’t post the photo we had as we were asked to remove it, but should you come across it, you can see a black male in a Finn-style resistance jacket with another figure that appears to be Tran. You can see Tran in various other shots on the stone high wall.
From our friend in Dubrovnik:
He says the equine prop, fixed on the rails, was pulled along Stradun by a small tractor, having been “ridden” by a male horseman, positioned toward the back of a saddle and dressed in a brownish jacket (Finn’s double?), and a female (Chloe Bruce?) in front of him (judged by her apparel and a more delicate physique), so one of the possible plausible conclusions could be it’s Finn and Rey galloping away from someone or something!
Our collaborator Marijana Matulović sent us some very interesting photographs (seen in the gallery below) on the eve of yet another busy shooting session. Here’s a breakdown:
  • applying a truly amazing artwork, set decorators have wonderfully amalgamated the “stony” movie props and light fixtures to the existent Stradun façades, especially the oval apertures – roof trusses and draperies in the upper parts (that have retained their original Venetian blinds) are said to be digitally replaced in post-production;   
  • plastic and styrofoam props now feature new “metallic” furnishings as well;
  • cameras are ready for yet another adventurous night;
  • some truly magnificent carpentry and molding, exemplified by these conical bronze tables (allegedly arranged for the Rector’s Palace interior sequence);
  • yet another new wall-mounted droid interface;
  • the Sea Star yacht, ready to embark to a galaxy far, far away…
  • A former Maz Kanata’s design from The Force Awakens behind-the-scene footage is definitely reminiscent of a modified brownish calamari-like alien seen in a group of gowned humans (Caucasians, Asians, etc., judging by their countenance and physique undisguised in prosthetics, according to our verified sources) on Stradun and at the Minčeta Fortress locations, as proven by the Splash News photo enclosed and various documentation.


The saga, at least in Dubrovnik continues! Thanks to our buddy in Dubrovnik for being awesome as always!

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