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Ewan McGregor on the future prospects of returning to Star Wars

Ewan McGregor spoke with Collider and the notion of Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Star Wars Story came up. I found it really obvious when asked if McGregor has spoken to Kathleen Kennedy that it has indeed come up. McGregor said:

I’m not sure I’m at liberty to say, really, but I’m very interested in doing that. That would be great. Maybe there’s even a trilogy! (laughs)

Of course someone like Kennedy feeling out McGregor and perhaps gauging interest are entirely different from there being a plan to bring the a new film or series to screen. I’m all for it. I see no reason Obi-Wan has to stay in one place for 20 years. (Surely he could have a crazy couple of weeks.) There are 7300 days in 20 years. Can’t Obi-Wan have five of those 7300 days to fill out a story with the most beloved actor and character from the prequel trilogy?
Watch the full video here:

Thanks to Kevan for the heads-up.

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