Force-pushing the men in black of Star Wars: Episode VIII (Pics & Video)

A video has surfaced on Instagram which shows a black-clad figure getting thrown into the air. This was filmed in Dubrovnik where Star Wars: Episode VIII is filming.

The Video:

Our buddy in Dubrovnik also sends us this in addition:

Our friend, photographer Nikša Duper of CROPIX, snapped this a while ago, prior to a costumed cast procession descending toward the Banje beach, in the vicinity of the Dubrovnik Excelsior Hotel… Looks interesting, indeed, as the crew has obviously exited the Old City nucleus for the sake of today’s shooting!
And for the end, an intriguing speculation that popped up as a tidbit among us, Croato-Americans affiliated with the assistant Dubrovnik film crew, but allegedly circulating online for a while as well: as Episode VIII should start immediately subsequent to Episode VII’s Skellig Michael encounter and shortly following Han Solo’s demise. Could a rumored Lando Calrissian’s appearance signify that the Dubrovnik scenery actually represents Solo’s home world of Corelia?!
We’ll definitely have to wait a bit and see whether our predictions prove true… Emoji
Regards from Croatia!

It appears the outside stuff is there to hide the costumes. But you can see on the inside there are actual black costumes and it looks like one of them might have a monocle-type accessory. Interesting stuff!

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