Funko’s Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty: The Cantina Box Spoilers!

SMUGGLER’S BOUNTY SPOILERS BELOW! Please don’t continue to read if you want the Cantina Box of Funko’s Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty contents to remain a surprise and please don’t spoil this information on social media either!

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Orders for the March box of Funko’s Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box, the Cantina, closed last night. Hopefully you ordered yours (AND entered into our giveaway for 2 sets of The Force Awakens Han & Leia Pops! Winners will be announced soon!)

The Force is apparently VERY strong with Funko (no surprise) because some subscribers have already received their boxes!

I won’t spoil all the contents, but the two Pop! figures are as follows: Old Ben in a new mold (we already knew this) and a red Snaggletooth!

So here’s the scoop: Any Star Wars fan worth their weight in Kenner toys knows that where there’s a red Snaggletooth, there may be a blue Snaggletooth. Indeed: the Cantina Box contains a chase variant BLUE snaggletooth Pop! The odds are 1/5!


I’ll have an unboxing up once I get my box. Fingers crossed I get the chase variant this time! Good luck and definitely tweet me at @CPThrio if you get one of those rare blue Snaggletooths!

The theme for the next box is Bounty Hunters! Be sure to sign up by May 15th!



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