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Hamill & Ridley to film 10 days at Ceann Sibeal for Star Wars: Episode VIII! + Pic


This week we have some solid info on Star Wars: Episode VIII preparation for filming in Ireland and we have some solid information on the movement in Kerry specifically from a good friend:

  • Crew have now started work on a fairly large set at Ceann Sibeal in west Kerry.
    A temporary road is in place and in the last few days two big cranes have been brought onto the site.
  • Locals in the area who are involved in the shoot (providing accommodation, transport, etc) say the crew are building some sort of village which resembles the ancient stone monastery that’s on Skellig Michael. Whether its a new location or a replica of what’s on Skellig isn’t clear yet but it looks similar in design.
  • Some filming, probably background and effects shots, is due to start at the end of April with principal photography with Hamill and Ridley to start in May and last about 10 days. Shoot will be much bigger than the ones on Skellig island and almost every bit of accommodation nearby has been booked out by Disney.
  • Attached is a pic that shows the cranes. Not a great quality shot but it gives some idea of whats going on.



We will keep our eyes on the Kerryman for more local information on the filming of the next Star Wars film!


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