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Minor Star Wars Land update regarding The Disneyland Railroad

Star Wars Land

Today we have a minor update on the Star Wars Experience at Disney Parks.  Just yesterday Bob Iger confirmed to shareholders that the construction would “go vertical” in April and the construction would begin. There were some issues with the Disneyland Railroad and keeping the new land immersive and not have steam trains and such intersecting with the Star Wars Experience. A really trusted source of ours has said:

I can 100% confirm to you that the Disneyland Railroad will pass in front of “Star Wars Land,” not through it like the original plan and the entrance near “Splash Mountain” will be through a “tunnel.”

So there we have it. There were rumors of plans for the trains to perhaps go under the area and other such proposals. Now, it appears they went with a far simpler solution. Hey, if I get to pilot the Falcon, I really don’t care about anything else. I want to do that!

Not allowed to pilot the Falcon.
Not allowed to pilot the Falcon.

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