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More Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik information, video, and photos!

Star Wars Episode VIII Completes Day 1 Filming!

Our buddy in Dubrovnik has sent us another update on the movement for Star Wars: Episode VIII in Croatia.

  • The Sea Star, a tourist vessel obviously used for Star Wars, is eventually fitted with a giant white screen holder on its stern side; it is worth mentioning that similar ones were recently used on the former RAF Greenham Common location to back the blue screens facilitating further CGI manipulation (e.g., Millennium Falcon takeoff, etc.).
  • A word has it that the ship’s spacious upper deck may be used as a sort of an aquatic landing platform, as suggested by the props erected.
  • The film crew arrived from London by a chartered Croatian plane at the Ćilipi Airport around 1:00 PM today.
  • The technicians assembled a silver-azure striped landspeeder, as demonstrated by this screenshot from this videoScreen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.43.00 PM
  • Some of the façade pylons toward the end of the main street colonnade props, as previously mentioned by some websites, are purposely “cracked” and “damaged,” allegedly to allow for a landspeeder chase and crash sequence effect (but maybe standing for something else). As this information has remained somewhat unsubstantiated so far, a photograph depicting a lady painter decorating the styrofoam construction is proof thereof.
  •  Today, prefabricated, labyrinthical, and arched structures are mounted to the rails facing the steps of the Dominican Monastery, the locale that was already decorated by some neon light fixtures.
  • Best regards from Croatia to all the “warsies,” and may the Force be with us!
Battle damage!


Our friends at have hooked us up with some photos and video to share with you from the Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik sets today. Here are some videos and a gallery:

Thanks again to our buddy in Dubrovnik and!

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