New Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik Set Photos Tease Possible New Police Force

Star Wars: Episode VIII spoilers below.  Please don’t scroll down if you want to avoid any spoilers!


The set photos from Dubrovnik continue to leak.  Today, DuList released a variety of photos featuring crew setting up, what looks to be a speeder under a tarp, and most interestingly, a group of costumed actors dressed like potentially new First Order Officers, a police force or maybe a third-party faction.

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There’s some Aurebesh on the front of those helmets, and although they are difficult to read, it looks like they could read: “CBPD.”

The color scheme of the uniforms definitely gives off an Empire/First Order impression. The helmets are very reminiscent of Samurai helmets, they’re wearing what look to be batons or some kind of weapon on their belts, and they’re all wearing capes. The helmets actually reminded me a bit of Shredder from TMNT.

UPDATE: Our good buddy Andy Wegner made the great point that these characters look very similar to the Cloud City Guard concepts from John Mollo (image from

A7-pfHWc.jpg large

Further drawing from concept art, our friend Tom Chansky noted that the costumes also look like McQuarrie’s Imperial Guard concepts:

CdSihssWAAESoIu.jpg large

Check out the other photos below and head over to their site for a few more:

321 4

UPDATE: From JustDubrovnik, additional photos, an English description and video(!) are available:

On the third day of filming of the Star Wars movie, the scene moved to Banje where the production continued to shot a scene which appears to be a scene with popular AT – ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) Commanders with Mark Hamill himself!
According to what we caught on the paparazzi-style photographs, extraordinary costumes that extras wore today, look very similar to ‘chicken walkers’ – AT-ST crew that first appeared in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Their leader, who resembles Mark Hamill, wore different style uniform! Also, Just Dubrovnik spotted one elegant space vehicle that seems to be either ‘landspeeder’ (SW: Episode IV) od Podracer (Episode I) above Banje Beach, so it appears to be one very exciting day for Star Wars lovers in Dubrovnik today .

Some of them are even on the set, together with the crew – about 20 stunts and 30 extras are involved in shooting of Episode VIII. Stay with Just Dubrovnik – directly from the set, and enjoy beautiful photo gallery and short video we made for fans all around the world!



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