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Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik Day 5: Some cool alien pictures and lots of details!

Star Wars Episode VIII Completes Day 1 Filming!

Our buddy in Dubrovnik shares some photos and updates from today’s filming on Star Wars: Episode VIII:

So, here’re the Space Bear goings-on, a (spoilerific!) recapitulation, and a brand-new adrenaline dosage, following a description of the “stranded marine speeder vehicle on the Banje beach” sequence a while ago:
  • Rian Johnson’s first day on the set was indeed very busy subsequent to his arrival to the Ćilipi Airport yesterday at 10:30 a. m. (local time), as reported by our associate Paula Klaić Saulačić for the Croatian Nova TV.
  • Although a British tabloid paparazzi, who even rented a luxurious apartment with a view to Stradun, was discovered, evicted, and escorted out of the Old Town by the Croatian policemen (cf. our previous information bulletin), yet another British-American argument was chronicled yesterday (reportedly, an intrusive “conversation” eventuating in minor injuries among the said tourists); nonetheless, although the police have vehemently denied any connection of yet another British “peeping Tom” with the Star Wars set, we somehow doubt that anyone could have resisted a temptation not to peek in that easily.
  • Our female friend Iva Veličković (for whom our term of endearment is “our Star Wars yenta,” but we may we call her “ivapiva86” for the time being, alerted us of a “senatorial procession” being filmed – that’s exactly the one you have on your Dubrovački list pictorial coverage (which was quickly removed from the Croatian website’s version, BTW), and shooting has also been intensified on the Minčeta Fortress location in spite of a light shower:Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.20.39 AM
  • Some of the procession participants were also involved in the Minčeta Fortress shooting, and a friend of ours, Grgo Jelavić of the Croatian Večernji List Daily, took some quite interesting pictures of a white-robed alien and of a senatorial group, whose partial prosthetics are apparently typically Warsie-like (cf. photos 4 and 5) – one thing is for sure, he definitely has a  better telescopic lenses than those in our cellphones.
  • As per an “equestrian activity” on Stradun yesternight, we’ve been told by a colleague that the “Trojan horse” was apparently a rather tall Lipizzan-like equine quadruped whose prop was actually pulled on rails toward Stradun’s center while a car-mounted camera shot every single moment of a “gallop.”
  • Our guess is that the elongated ears of the 10-feet alien equine animal are truly reminiscent to an intriguing combination of an Empire Strikes Back Tauntaun design, that of a Kaadu (The Phantom Menace), and that of a terrestrial horse; moreover, our sources testify that the horseman’s jacket was brownish – there’s a speculation circulating here that it could easily be Finn’s stunt double.
  • Moreover, Grgo Jelavić submitted a picture of something being mounted on an alien animal prop that truly resembles a frontal part (an animatronic Tauntaun-like head?) of the same equine previously seen with its horseman on Stradun.
Stay tuned, and may the Force be with you and your readers, always!
Interestingly, the brown alien looks like a Maz Kanata concept piece we saw some time ago. I think the alien has also shown up in some Star Wars Land (aka The Star Wars Experience) concept art too. The aliens look neat.
Thanks again to our buddy in Dubrovnik! We appreciate all the work you’re doing out there!

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