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Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik update with pics and a little history

Star Wars Episode VIII Completes Day 1 Filming!

Today a friend from Dubrovnik sends in a little piece on what’s going down in Croatia. The topic is Star Wars: Episode VIII and what is being filmed over there.  He also included two pictures he snapped and we’re grateful for his help:

Dear Jason:
Being an American-educated Croatian Star Wars aficionado and knowing how unreliable Google Translate service might occasionally be, I have decided to keep your website visitors updated about the most recent developments with regard to the imminent Episode VIII shooting in Dubrovnik, a. k. a. Space Bear Industry’s Adriatic endeavor (aided by some Croatian domestic teams, e.g., Formula Film).
What is currently going in in the “Croatian Athens” or in the “Pearl of the Adria” is the fact that the props are constantly being shipped to add a final touch to an already extraterrestrial charm exuded by the redecorated streets in the downtown area, as depicted by the photographs enclosed.
Thus, the 15th-century Neapolitan Onofrio’s Fountain, once a part of the Dubrovnik municipal pipeline system erected by Onofrio della Cava, is redressed and obviously prepared to be specially illuminated for an expected landspeeder chase sequence to be shot come Wednesday, March 9, 2016. Worth noting is also a datum that the filmmakers were allowed to previously remove the scaffolds and partial casing around the fountain, which is still being reconstructed by the municipal authorities, i.e., for the first time subsequent to the great 1667 earthquake. Moreover, the rare eyewitnesses testify to something that looked pretty much as a landspeeder crash scene, as the technicians actually derailed the model during a rehearsal happening on the night of March 2, 2016.
In terms of additional light fixtures, mounted rails, etc., the downtown set has also experienced certain modifications in some collateral streets, as already circumstantiated by With the Rector’s Palace being an additional (interior) shooting location next to Stradun, the residents have been kindly asked to have their lights constantly on the days specified (to imitate a crepuscular atmosphere), having received a written apology for some possible nocturnal noise (i.e., minor explosions and/or special effects created by the crew) up to March 16, 2016. Although expected at dress rehearsals (for which the entire section was tightly secured and practically blocked and will be expectedly drone-protected in the days to come), Daisy Ridley is confirmed not to be a star at the Dubrovnik set; nonetheless, the reporters are promised to receive official information at a desk to be established soon, although both the residents and visitors will almost have no chance to detect anything happening behind the screened portions. Allegedly, Lucasfilm’s president Kathleen Kennedy is expected to visit the site, according to the Bosnian Academy Award winner Danis Tanović, a friend of hers quoted in the Croatian printed media.
The second photograph (of what is originally a souvenir store), snapped yesternight, clearly demonstrates the newly inserted window panes with quite an intricate, exotic artistry, as well as the neon-lit portals and LED interfaces.
Municipally rumored is also a story of a large-sized vessel being rented by the motion picture crew in the Dubrovnik harbor, and it is currently unclear whether it would stage a set, transport the pre-existent gear (tented at several locations in the city), or be used as a aquatic platform to complement the aerial and terrestrial shots (in addition to the dollies, helicopters, and steadicams) .
I will try to keep you posted concerning Dubrovnik’s “space launch,” or if anything interesting pops up meanwhile…
May the Force be with you, always!
Dub1 Dub2

Thanks again to all our friends in Dubrovnik that have been so helpful and as excited as we are to see Star Wars: Episode VIII filming and in their neighborhood! One of the things I love about Star Wars and especially these new films is I find myself making new friends all over the world in places that were geographically out of my periphery. Meeting new people and talking them has been one of the coolest parts (aside from the obvious fact we’re getting an eighth Star Wars film in the Skywalker saga).

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