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Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik video of Stradun chase and more

Our buddy in Dubrovnik has another update for us this afternoon with some more cool details to share about the filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII in Dubrovnik. Read on below to hear what he has to say and see what he has to show.


A short video of the Stradun chase we’ve described yesterday:

 As we’ve told you, the sequence involved a tractor-pulled equine prop ridden by Finn’s double and a dark-haired female character. (Our sources still believe her to be Chloe Bruce rather than Kelly Marie Tran, as the person did not appear to be Asian.) The sequence, ending in a sort of pyrotechnics and extras’ runaway, was shot by a car-mounted camera, in a furious tempo and quite loudly onsite, according to our informants…
Moreover, the silver-azure landspeeder scene has also seen a repetition of pyrotechnic special effects last night, somewhat similar to those in the opening shots (the assassination attempt) of Attack of the Clones, and we truly like such an analogous parallel by director Rian Johnson.
Our source testified to the presence of a smooth, sinister extraterrestrial, whom our club compared to the modernized versions of the Cloud City pygmies (i.e., the porcine humanoids called Ugnaughts) in Han Solo’s carbon-freezing scene. (This Beetlejuice-like critter was also depicted by TMZ’s leaks.
Tonight, shooting locales were expanded from Stradun to the Pustijerna St., an alley we’ve also already reported about: a small tributary with some alien light fixtures attached to the walls. With it being (re)decorated and illuminated in an almost Christmassy style, we somehow think it might be a stage of some procession or a chase sequence tonight.
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 Thanks again to our buddy in Dubrovnik. The person not appearing to be Tran could simply be that Chloe Bruce is playing the stand-in for Ridley as well as Tran? Interesting development. That’s the word on the Dubrovnik street!

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