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Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik: Word on the street!

Our First Look At Star Wars Episode VIII Was Perfect

A friend in Dubrovnik sent us another update this morning giving us some details about what they’re hearing over in Croatia. They mention the “Exotic City” (which was a term for a location that was to be used in The Force Awakens before it became Maz’s Castle). Some people have spotted the terminology “Exotic City” used again for said location but it’s not clear if its just a reusing of the moniker or if this could be the location of Maz’s new joint or whatever (we really don’t know yet).

 Here are some new tidbits from the Dubrovnik set:
  • Due to the inclement weather and incessant precipitations these days, the crew has even used some gas-powered dryers to desiccate the sidewalks and some props, but they luckily prognosticate a truly nice shooting week.
  • A member of the local production company has anonymously confirmed your speculation: the “Exotic City” props are laterally rowed to the left hand side of the main Dubrovnik street, are approximately just one-story-high, and will thus certainly be augmented by ILM in post-production (e.g., by virtue of additional roof trusses, canopies, canvases, etc.), though the residents were requested to remove all the satellite dishes and/or TV antennae today.
  • Allegedly, some panels inserted in the window panes will also be digitally enhanced or replaced.
  • Even more scenographic props were brought and screened, some resembling another type of landspeeder.
  • As the shooting night approaches tomorrow, an alien creature shop is rumored to be established, and some rather First Order-looking grayish metallic panels are also being polished in the vicinity of the Rector’s Palace, possibly for an interior shot.
  • Today, a modern event and cruising vessel (symbolically dubbed the Sea Star and moored at a pier in the Gruž harbor) is also being used for Star Wars, but it still remains unclear whether merely its upper deck will be used for some external shots or will the interior will also home some extraterrestrial adventure.

Thanks to our friend for the report–it is appreciated!

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