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Star Wars: Episode VIII: Luke Skywalker, aliens in Space Vegas, Dern and Poe pick-ups!

Potential spoilers from Star Wars: Episode VIII follow below. Read on at your own risk. Do not spoiler anyone that doesn’t want to be spoiled with what follows below.

imageI got a very brief update for Star Wars: Episode VIII today. But I found the things mentioned to be really fascinating, though brief and somewhat abstract.

  • The casino scene: There are lots of different aliens, like the bar (cantina) sequence in A New Hope but on a larger scale than we’ve seen before. (Note: We’re waiting on the details of their attire which will confirm Dubrovnik or not.)
  • Luke walks around the casino looking for someone (the players involved have no idea who).
  • Pick-up shots from the evacuation sequence with Laura Dern and Poe’s characters were done this week.
  • Lots of people evacuate into smaller ships.

If this is accurate, the fascinating thing is we can place Luke Skywalker at the casino now. The people involved we have had conversations with are not 100% positive the Dubrovnik exteriors are for the casino bits. More to come!

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