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Star Wars: Episode VIII’s Dubrovnik filming – Sea Star Act II: Back in the Habit!

Star Wars Episode VIII Completes Day 1 Filming!

Our friend in Dubrovnik is back and has updated us with some cool stuff going down on the Sea Star boat filming. Star Wars: Episode VIII has been filming for the last several days in various parts of Dubrovnik.

Check out this weird dude.

Our buddy in Dubrovnik says:

As the Star Wars crew waits for wind to calm, here are some quite interesting photographs caught by our Grgo Jelavić. They depict what obviously seems a socialization sequence preparation aboard the Sea Star in the Gruž harbor, and if you look a bit closer, you’ll easily notice a refined table designed spotted on Stradun: this time, however, the conical tables appear to be silver-and-gold painted, instead of a previous predominantly bronze nuance. The senatorial crowd is still present, as is the giant green screen as a backdrop…
Moreover, your readers should remember that we’ve already mentioned the Asian-Americans among the dignitaries as well: here’s a proof, and the guy appears to check a silver-and-azure (aquatic?) two-seat speeder on the photograph enclosed. Our sources claim it’s the same vehicle that was tarped and transported to the Banje beach before…

Similar to a recent situation connected to inclement weather on and around Skellig Michael, Star Wars Episode VIII production is very likely to be postponed or even procrastinated, at the Sea Star yacht was practically incapacitated to embark and successfully complete its circumnavigation in the Dubrovnik canal today due to wind.

Thanks again to our bud in Dubrovnik!

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