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Star Wars: Episode VIII’s Fear & Loathing in Space Vegas!

If the information below is accurate and ends up in the final film, it could be considered a spoiler for Star Wars: Episode VIII. Read on at your own risk and please do not openly discuss this content on social media or spoil anyone against their will.


This is my favorite part of the development process for Star Wars films online: earing the various strands of the story and then watching them come together. We have learned Star Wars: Episode VIII will give us our first look at casinos in the Star Wars galaxy.

By the sounds of things being filmed right now, a casino is featured in Star Wars: Episode VIII. It seems like the sets I’m hearing about are for what sounds like the interiors of the Dubrovnik filming, which is the later part of the first act of the film. We cannot say for sure if the whole entire planet is a casino or known for being a gambling planet.

Are the people in formal wear glimpsed during Dubrovnik filming simply gambling in a few sequences? Or does this play into the science fiction trope of entire planets that do one thing, such as gambling? It does appear some action takes place around a casino location and that’s pretty solid information. After looking at the lights around the arches in Dubrovnik, it does kind of give off the appearance what a Space Las Vegas might look like. They are filming these sequences on the 007 stage at Pinewood, which is appropriate I would say!


Hopefully we get more information about the scenario above and if it is minor or major. A lot more to come, either way.


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