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Star Wars Land Preview to replace Marvel HQ rumors intensify

The Marvel HQ that resides above the Star Wars Launch Bay is leaving. The rumor has been that it was leaving because there was going to be a Star Wars Land (aka The Star Wars Experience) preview center stationed above Launch Bay to give park visitors some kind of preview into the additions coming down the road.

Apparently it will include:

  • models of the land
  • audio/visual presentations

This rumor first hit a little while ago and now seems to be on the cusp of being reality. The rumor stated:

  • The Marvel area above the Star Wars Launch Bay is being removed and the rumor is it may house a Star Wars Land preview area of some kind and additional Star Wars content.

We still aren’t sure what the additional content will be. We will keep you posted on any developments to the new second story of Launch Bay housing the Star Wars Experience preview.

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