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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray Deleted Scenes list!


JB Hi-Fi has a listing for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray with the cut scenes listed. Deleted Scenes are listed as follows:

  • Finn And The Villager  
  • Jakku Message 
  •  X-wings Prepare For Lightspeed  
  • Kylo Searches The Falcon
  • Snow Speeder Chase  
  • Finn Will Be Fine 

If I had to guess the first scene with Finn and the Villager would be where Finn refuses to kill the family in Lor San Tekka’s village. Jakku Message might be when Poe calls the Resistance base to let them know he has the artifact from Lor San Tekka and then radios them back its not going well or possibly the additional Kor Sella content. X-wings Prepare for Lightspeed sounds like the scene we heard about where Poe tells BB-8 to stand by and then all the ships take off to the Starkiller, maybe. Kylo Searches the Falcon sounds like the scene we heard about where Kylo boards the Falcon and then sits in the cockpit struggling with the shadows of his past. Snow Speeder Chase is probably the chase with a stormtrooper and a speeder on the Starkiller base before Han’s demise and Finn Will Be Fine is likely when Finn wakes up at the end of the film.

The list sounds legit and probably accurate! (Also remember that the Target version has an additional disc with twenty minutes of content on it, too.)

Thanks to Paul Robinson for the heads-up!

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