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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Target exclusive Blu-ray to include 20 minutes of bonus content!

A Target ad has revealed its exclusive Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray. Like with many other Target Blu-ray exclusives, this will include 20 minutes of bonus content when you purchase the exclusive version. It’s not clear if the bonus features will be on a Blu-ray disc or if it’ll only be a digital download. The ad also seems to reveal the final cover for the Blu-ray, which is just the main poster. It was also unclear if that was indeed going to be the final cover art, but it seems that it is. Check out the tweet from Jeremy:

This is most likely for next wee’ks Target ad, similar to the Best Buy one from yesterday that revealed the Kylo Ren steelbook cover. An official announcement should be hitting this week or next.

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