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The Rogue Rebels at the Star Wars Season 2 Finale Screening!







The Inquisitors.



The Rogue Rebels journeyed to the distant system of Burbank Disney Studios to follow this season’s story to its conclusion. Aboard our transport we were filled with excitement, hope, worry, and questions of what awaited us. We arrived, happy to see so many familiar faces, but unsettled by the same look of complex emotions and thoughts on everyone else. Clearly we weren’t alone.

Rogue Rebels at the Star Wars Season 2 Finale screening

What would happen to our heroes? Our friends?

Would they be changed forever?

Would they even leave this place again to reunite with those they left behind?


Lots of Star Wars talk with the wonderful family of cast and crew and fans that we have followed all the way through this story they have woven for us. The time came and we anxiously made our way to our seats.

Then we saw “Twilight of the Apprentice.”





Star Wars.

Some of our questions were answered, some remained, and many new questions were asked. Filoni answered nothing…

Tomorrow you are all going to see something new. Something unmistakably Star Wars, and in my opinion, some of the most thought-provoking Star Wars since Yoda’s “Lost Missions” arc of The Clone Wars. I hope you enjoy it as I have and I’m sure you’ll have just as many questions as I do.  To me, Star Wars Rebels is a vibrant and moving story filled with fascinating characters that I’ve grown to love. The series shows us glimpses of the Star Wars universe we’ve never seen before and continues to elevate its own story as it unfolds. It’s amazing how Star Wars can still be completely unexpected and surprise us when we think we have all the answers. Like any good Star Wars experience I’m satisfied but still waiting for more.  I can’t WAIT to talk with you about it. Much like The Clone Wars it just keeps getting better and better.


I can’t wait for Season 3.


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