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Today in Dubrovnik Star Wars: Episode VIII filming: Ridley’s double on her way & more!

Star Wars Episode VIII Completes Day 1 Filming!

Our buddy in Dubrovnik has sent us the lowdown on what’s going on over there with the Star Wars: Episode VIII filming. Interestingly, Rey’s stunt double is supposedly on her way to the location which means Rey’s story takes place in that location. In the past Daisy Ridley has said she wouldn’t be there, which probably means the double is doing the location shooting and Ridley will do the shooting at Pinewood for those sequences as some of the sets in Dubrovnik appear to be mirrored at Pinewood.

Our buddy in Dubrovnik says:
Jason, here’s a recapitulation of the last two shooting preparation days, on the eve of the real thing (Fri., Mar. 11, 2016):
a) Daisy Ridley’s dexterous stunt double Chloe Bruce is confirmed to have departed to Croatia, as some stick-involving battle/fighting scenes were (reportedly) prepared today afternoon in the Dubrovnik aquatorium, i.e., the ones to be subsequently shot exactly on the deck of the luxurious tourist Sea Star yacht (cf. photo 1), whereas the actress would most probably be used for the Pinewood close-ups.
b) even more tarpaulin-covered props were brought and later installed to the already exotic Dominican Monastery location (that involves the mural neon illumination fixtures along the steps, etc.), including the additions to a convoluted, labyrinthically decorated ceiling and something that appears to be an arched passageway.
c) our associates have confirmed that a helicopter, at least one dolly camera, and a car-mounted camera are to be used, but the set itself will be practically sealed and protected by the state-of-the-art robotic anti-drone interceptors.
d) accelerating speeder effects, crash noises, bangs, and small explosions were audible from the set during a nocturnal chase sequence rehearsal on Wed., Mar. 9, 2016 (photo 7);
e) some pylons on the main Stradun set have received gilded or silvered stripes, and some new conical (photo 3) and cylindrical “power converter” props (photo 4) were also brought, in addition to some grayish wall panels already fixed (photo 6);
f) the main shooting adjustments should begin tomorrow at 4:00 p. m. local time and should last up to the wee hours – the actors are expected on Mar. 12, 2016.
g) Such a blockbuster production Space Bear Industries is that the Croatian coastal guards and even divers were used today afternoon during a rehearsal shoot on the Sea Star yacht in the vicinity of Dubrovnik’s Porporelo section. Clearly visible on the deck during the whole circumnavigation was a gigantic green screen, used to facilitate a later CGI manipulation. BTW, the overall Star Wars revenue to Dubrovnik’s municipal budget is estimated to approximately 5,000,000 euros…
May the Force be with you!

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