Vote for the MakingStarWars Podcast Network in the Star Wars Podcast Awards!

Some our of friends in the Star Wars community started the Star Wars Podcast Awards this year. It’s a pretty cool endeavor which gives some support and encouragement to the many fans out there who love Star Wars so much. There have been a few rounds of voting over the last few weeks in a variety of categories.


Personally (this is Ron), I think it’s just cool to vote for people who add to your fandom in any way.  So whoever does that for you–give them a vote!  Of course, it’s no surprise that for me, that’s the MakingStarWars Podcast Network.  MSW launched that this year, teaming up with some of our great podcast friends, and it’s been really fun.  I obviously can’t speak for any of our podcast hosts, but I know how much work they put into all their shows and how passionate they are about not only Star Wars, but the Star Wars fan community.  I hope you’ll consider voting for our members of the network who have made it to the final round:


  • Favorite Fanboy Host – Jason Ward (“Now, This is Podcasting!”)
  • Favorite Fangirl Host – Amanda Ward (“Rebel Grrrl”)
  • Favorite Podcast for the People’s Choice Award (Now, This is Podcasting!” and “Steele Wars”)
  • Favorite Ensemble Cast (“Now, This is Podcasting!”)
  • Favorite Podcast Intro Theme (“Steele Wars”)
  • Favorite New Show (“Rebel Grrrl”)
  • Favorite Podcasting Network – MakingStarWars Podcast Network

Be sure to also check out the MakingStarWars Podcast Network page to listen to the latest episodes of “Now, This is Podcasting!,” “Rebel Grrrl,” “Steele Wars,” and all our other great shows (“The Cantina Cast,” “Idiot’s Array,” “First Order Transmissions” and “Force Cult”)!

We live in a golden age of Star Wars podcasting. Podcasts made me realize how expansive the Star Wars fan community is.  Without Star Wars podcasts, I wouldn’t know about Celebrations, costuming groups or even “Star Wars Twitter.”  It’s the reason I even had the opportunity to join this great team at MSW.  So regardless of who you vote for (but still… vote for MSW), I hope you’ll vote and show some support to the fangirls and fanguys who pour their hearts and souls into these endeavors!


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