Weird Al on not writing a parody song for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Weird Al

Weird Al spoke to Rolling Stone about the impulse to cover the sequel trilogy with a parody song. (Weird Al opted out, obviously.) I think his reason for it makes a lot of sense and was probably the right choice. But I can’t deny that I would like to hear another Star Wars song from him someday.

Rolling Stone asked if he was tempted to write about Star Wars again: 

It’s a thought that crossed my mind, certainly, and everybody on my Twitter feed was like, “Oh! You have to do another Star Wars song.” In fact, a few years ago I teased, “You know, I do a Star Wars song every 20 years like clockwork. It could be about that time.” But I looked at it practically. I’ve already got two Star Wars songs in my set, both of which I pretty much have to play because of fan demand. If I had a third Star Wars song, it just sort of becomes the Star Wars show. So for that reason alone, I kind of feel like I probably should just keep it at two.

I think Weird Al’s “Yoda” is one of the best things ever:

Hopefully Mr. Weird (or is it Mr. Al?) finds the right song and it’s just too cool to pass up.

(Via Coffee with Kenobi on Twitter)

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