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Rumor: Frank Oz headed to Star Wars: Episode VIII sets


Recently we have been receiving reports that Frank Oz is in or will be in the U.K., headed for Pinewood Studios for Star Wars: Episode VIII. Through various channels we have been able to verify he is in the country to work, so it isn’t a leisure or social visit.

We are left wondering if we’re going to see Yoda return to Star Wars beyond voice acting as he has done for The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels. There was a rumor one of the Ahch-To recreations was made to accommodate a puppet. (At that same time, we never had that verified by a second source.) Oz could be there as a “consultant” that really amounts to a set visit and to say things are “looking great” and it might not have anything to do with Yoda. Or could we see a little blue ghost hanging out with Luke and Rey?  No one has said as much, for the record. On the factual side of things we just know he is there to work and he’s going to Pinewood’s Star Wars set. The duration of the visit is not known at this time.

This could be the first inkling we’re going to see Yoda return to Star Wars. For The Force Awakens there were tons of rumors and little loose connections that Yoda would be in the film but we could never figure it out entirely how because it was just voice-over work. If that was the case here, you wouldn’t need him to go to the set. The best case scenario is Yoda is back and Oz is operating him. The second best scenario is that Oz is going to do the voice on set with the cast so he can interact with them and the reading has a genuine flow. The most probable scenario is he’s visiting as a consultant for something Yoda or not Yoda-related.

The facts to the best of our knowledge: Oz is in the U.K. to work. He’s going to Pinewood. They’re making Star Wars: Episode VIII there. This is one of those times we’re seeing the start of something cool coming to fruition or something we’ll all laugh at down the road. Either way, it’s all fun.

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