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Daisy Ridley wishes fans a happy Star Wars day on the set of Episode VIII!

The Star Wars YouTube channel just released a video of Daisy Ridley thanking fans for their donations for Force for Change, as well as a happy Star Wars Day. Daisy is on the set of Episode VIII where we can see some familiar creatures walking past her. It’s not clear rather or not if that is Admiral Ackbar or just another one of his species. If it is Admiral Ackbar (there’s a ranking on his outfit, so I think it’s him) than he clearly has a new outfit for Episode VIII.

We would also like to wish everyone a Happy Star Wars Day. Even though here in the states it’s not yet May fourth, other parts of the world it is. Hope everyone is and will have a great Star Wars day!

Check out Admiral Ackbar, BB-8, and more:


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