Funko Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty July Theme Revealed

The May box of Funko’s Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty, themed Bounty Hunters, closed last night.  Hopefully you were able to get in on the fun.  As always, I’ll have an unboxing up as soon as I get the box.  Not long after the deadline passed for the May box, Funko announced its next theme for the July box: Jabba’s Palace!

With this theme, Smuggler’s Bounty completes its run through the Original Trilogy.  The March box was The Cantina, which obviously is from A New Hope.  The May box was general in theme, Bounty Hunters, but the promotional materials all indicated a reference to the infamous scene aboard in The Empire Strikes Back (which informed my prediction as to what the two Pop! figures would be in that box).  With Jabba’s Palace… the circle is now complete.  It makes me wonder what the next step is for Funko.  Does it circle back and do The Phantom Menace? (Possibly.)  Does it do a third The Force Awakens box? (Doubtful.)  Does it get an early start on Rogue One? (Probably too much time for that.)  Funko certainly has a variety of options.

What makes Jabba’s Palace interesting as a theme is that Funko has released quite a few of the main characters in that scene, and also recently put out two pretty amazing boxed sets:




In those two boxed sets alone, you’ve got six major characters from the scene.  Funko has previously released a few other major characters as well as you can see here:


(Photo courtesy of

That really doesn’t leave Funko with too many unexplored options.  And while I know that some collectors would like a Pop! Malakili, my quick draw prediction right now is that there will only be one Pop! collectible figure in the July box, and it will be: Lando Calrissian in skiff guard disguise.

Let me know what you guys think about the next theme and what your predictions are!  Tweet me at @CPThrio and check out my previous Smuggler’s Bounty unboxing video below:


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