Funko Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty May Box Predictions!

It’s almost that time again!  The deadline to sign up for Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty Star Wars subscription box is THIS SUNDAY, MAY 15TH!  In the immortal words of Randy Lo Gudice, “don’t be a Jabroni”… sign up for Smuggler’s Bounty!

The theme for this month’s box is Bounty Hunters and the box will feature two Pop! collectibles!

As soon as the theme was announced, my prediction was that a dynamic pose Boba Fett would be one of the Pops!  The dymanic poses seem to be increasing in the Star Wars line, and it allows Funko to revisit classic characters in fresh, new ways.  The last Smuggler’s Bounty box, the Cantina, featured an incredible dymanic pose Obi-Wan Kenobi with lightsaber lit and raised.  It might be my favorite Pop!  I figured there was a good chance we would see something like that again here.  Then the official Star Wars twitter teased the following:

I’m gonna go ahead and say that my prediction is dead on (but not disintegrated).  Also, for those spoiler-inclined, there has been an image out there that seems to further validate my guess.  Of course there is no confirmation as to its authenticity, and I’m not going to link or post it here, but it’s out there.

Assuming a dynamic pose Boba Fett Pop! is one of the collectibles, which character will the second Pop! be?

Star Wars then teased the following:

Poor Zuckuss…the short dude always gets disrespected in pictures.  In any case, Bossk is out because of the hint.  Funko already released a weirdly cute/gross Bossk Pop! a while back:


While several fans have expressed hope that the second character might be a Prequel Trilogy or The Clone Wars character, I just don’t think that will be the case.  I genuinely hope I’m wrong, but the hints seem to imply another ESB bounty hunter.  I think it’s safe to assume It’s not Zuckuss or 4-LOM.  Neither of those characters are very well-known and frankly wouldn’t be all that exciting for collectors (sorry Zuckuss & 4-LOM fans… both of you).

So that leaves IG-88 or Dengar (who was also conspicuously absent from the image tweeted above).  Dengar had some nice appearances in The Clone Wars (voiced by…nevermind) and thus might have more broad appeal.  However, my guess is that it will be… IG-88.


Droids are always popular, Funko does droids particularly well, and IG-88 just looks more interesting compared to the guy with a towel over his head (Sorry, Dengar Dan).

Of course, there’s still a chance that Funko surprises us and does include a non-OT era bounty hunter.  I would love that.  And if that happens, I think the choice is obvious:


Who do you want in the Smuggler’s Bounty box?  Tweet me your predictions at @CPThrio and don’t forget to sign up for Smuggler’s Bounty by Sunday night!


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