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Photos of Malin Head Star Wars: Episode VIII set!


Our friend Gemma sends us some new photos she took exclusively for of Malin Head. The interesting thing is it looks like they are building something different than the “beehive” huts we’ve been glimpsing lately. Could it be something more akin to the location we saw last week of a Jedi temple-looking structure next to the huts? From the sound of things filming will be going on over the weekend when all the roads shut down for the 300-person crew.

Gemma also did a fun photo shoot near the location from her page:

And here are a couple of fun pics that I put up on my page. There is a little spoof video up there if you want a laugh as well:

There was also a video up at The Independent:

If the embedded video doesn’t show up for you, click here to view it.

Check out Gemma Clark’s Facebook page for her photographs and the Star Wars spoof video. Thanks again to Gemma for snapping pictures for out there on Ahch-To!

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