Review: Merchoid’s new Star Wars kitchen collection!

If you’re anything like me you don’t mind seeing Star Wars in ever aspect of your home. Really, it’s very fun to find ways to incorporate my love of Star Wars into unconventional places. Merchoid has come out with a new collection of kitchen items including cookie jars, cutlery, and storage containers.

Press Release

Online geek merchandise retailer Merchoid.com have announced a new range of officially licensed Star Wars kitchen items including cutlery, oven gloves and a cookie jar. The collection of novelty Star Wars kitchenware features familiar characters like Darth Vader and R2-D2, as well as new favourites like astromech droid BB-8. The full range of kitchenware consists of a Lightsaber cutlery set, Darth Vader/Stormtrooper salt and pepper pots, Darth Vader Oven Gloves, a Death Star Kitchen Timer, a Droids Kitchen Storage Set and a BB-8 Cookie Jar.

Merchoid’s Community Manager Jessica Adams explains how they wanted to offer something fun, yet functional to fans: “Every item in the collection is a well made, practical product that you’ll want to use every day, but they’re also great fun…your freezer will no longer be the coolest item in your kitchen!  Not sure which one to get? Take our advice and ‘use the forks’.”

  • The BB-8 cookie jar is a ceramic jar shaped like BB-8 that features a removable top and flat base; it is designed to keep cookies tasty and fresh.
  • The Death Star kitchen timer can be set from 1 to 60 minutes and emits a ring when the timer reaches zero.
  • The salt and pepper shakes are modeled into the shape of the helmets from a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader.
  • The Darth Vader oven gloves are replicas of the Sith Lord’s costume, made to endure extreme temperatures.
  • The Droid Kitchen Storage Set are based on R2-D2 and two alternate colour friendly astromech droids; they can be used to keep coffee, cereal and other food fresh.
  • The Lightsaber Cutlery set includes a knife, fork and spoon with intricately detailed lightsaber handles.

The entire range of Merchoid’s Star Wars Kitchen Collection is available to order now www.merchoid.com. All of the products are produced under license from Disney.

I was sent the BB-8 cookie jar and the astromech storage units from Merchoid to review. I have to say I’m head over heels in love so far.

I’ve owned Star Wars cookie jars in the past and they’re usually just basic painted ceramic jars, but the BB-8 cookie jar from merchoid if far better than any other Star Wars kitten item I own. The shape and paint are perfect. It’s easy to mess up the proportions between BB-8’s head and body, but Merchoid have found that accurate balance. Additionally the BB-8 cookie jar has a rubber seal on the lid, which is something I’ve not seen on another Star Wars cookie jar. The rubber seal ensures the goodies inside stay fresh longer.

I’m also really happy with the three astromech storage canisters. The design is basic but cute and functional. The canisters come with labels you can use to remember what’s inside, but the fact that each canister is a distinct color also helps in differentiating what’s inside. In mine I store sugar, flour and powdered sugar. The canisters hold a lot of dry goods without taking up a ton of counter space. I really appreciate the cool Star Wars flair they add to my kitchen!

Go and checkout the awesome new stuff Merchoid has to offer here.

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