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Rogue One: A Star Story and a tiny tidbit on weapons

Very tiny minor spoiler from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story below.


In an interview posted yesterday with EW, Riz Ahmed said: 

“The level of attention to detail and care that goes into building that world is just unbelievable. All the set designers, the costume designers, the world they create is so detailed you would not believe it,” Ahmed says. “You pick up any random prop and it’s got a touch screen with buttons and alien writing on it and you’re just like, ‘Wow, I‘ve got to up my game.’ I stole so many props… just check [on] eBay.”

This lines up with what we’ve been hearing about the weapons of Rogue One. Apparently the weapons all kind of interface and work together to make bigger weapons at times. I haven’t seen a photo of the weapons yet, but those that have say it is really cool and seems to offer a pretty cool look at technology in the Star Wars universe. With one team member of Rogue One being a weapons nut, I expect him to be a source for some cool antics with weapons that “click together” and make trouble for the bad guys. I would imagine this could also be a cool merchandising opportunity for Star Wars as well.

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