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“Rogue Won” Episode 6: Now, THIS is… Rogue Winning

On this episode of “Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners,” Johnny, Mike, and Hawes have Jason Ward and Randy Lo Gudice on as guests, and well, you can just imagine…

  • Johnny interviews Jason and Randy as we learn what makes them tick, who they were in high school, and many of their podcasting adventures
  • Jason and Randy make fun of Johnny, like non-stop. (Really, it was annoying.)
  • Hawes and Mike allow Johnny to be made fun of, like NO back-up, thanks guys…
  • Listener goes “Dude ‘F’ that Guy” on Hawes
  • Jason and Randy leave Johnny a voicemail that shows their TRUE appreciation for his talents
  • Randy finds Jesus
  • PLUS I think they talk Star Wars
  • As well as The Rogue Winner’s Circle of listener e-mail!

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