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Rumor: Luke Skywalker rocks out in Star Wars: Episode VIII

Potential Spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VIII below. Read on at your own risk and please do not share this information openly on social media as to spoil someone against their will.

With the sets for Star Wars: Episode VIII being so far away, there was actually a rock feature that was being mistaken as a another crashed ship. It is an easy enough mistake when you look at it. The location is rather interesting and is connected to Luke Skywalker. The location:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.21.48 PM

According to people in the area the location is being called “The Mediation Rock” by the crew. There is a scene with Luke Skywalker as he meditates on this rock. The strange part is that in concept art glimpsed around the location, suddenly Ahch-To has a binary sunset while Luke meditates. I’m thinking the concept art is implying that Luke sees this when in a meditative state because if the planet had two suns it would be a lot hotter than it is. Perhaps mentally going back to the twin suns of Tatooine centers the old Jedi?

We aren’t sure if this is relevant but supposedly the stand-in for Luke was a young male.


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