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Star Wars: Episode VIII’s Knights take a knee at Ceann Sibeal

What follows are spoilers from Star Wars: Episode VIII. Please do not share the contents of this report openly on social media and avoid spoiling anyone that doesn’t wish to be spoiled.



In the last few hours at Ceann Sibeal something interesting was filmed. We previously saw evidence of what appears to be a ship cockpit being transported to the location under a tarp. We weren’t entirely sure what the contents of the package were, even though it looked like a ship. Now that we have seen what they were filming out there, we are more certain it does look like a ship. The ship is either a very tiny ship–which is possible–or its size will be extended via CGI like they did with the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story U-wing.

The setting of the sequence is almost on top of a green mountain, which is no surprise for Ahch-To settings.  It looks like the same cockpit appears on this set, but on fire, smoldering next to smoke being fed into giant fans. The cockpit almost looks like an SR-71 Blackbird in shape. The players in the sequence are the black knights we saw earlier in the week that we believe could be the Knights of Ren.

  • There is smoke.
  • A ship appears to have crashed.
  • A group of men dressed as black knights with black helmets approach the smoky debris.
  • All of the knights then kneel around the smoky location.
  • It appears as if one of the knights perished in the crash or someone important is about to step out of it.

Because it appears the ship may have digital extensions added to it in the finished film, we can’t be certain this isn’t the knights’ ship itself and they crash land on Ahch-To. With Kylo Ren nowhere to be seen for this sequence, there is a chance he crash landed and they’re kneeling before him and he will exit the ship; perhaps with close-ups to be shot elsewhere. We have no indications at this time as to why the crash occurred, and I’m just guessing as to what it could mean. Some within our circle have guessed that it could be a funeral pyre, but at this time I do not believe that to be the case.

It does seem to indicate getting on the planet is more complicated for these bad guys in black than Rey and Chewbacca made it look in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But at this stage, we really have no context for some of this. Does this take place before the confrontation with the Jedi? It would seem so based on the fact that they all die in that scenario and they’re alive here. It’s also of note that this sequence was filmed during the daytime, while the confrontation was at dusk. But it could also be that that the Knights of Ren (if these guys in black are in fact those knights) are larger in number than we once thought. There’re a lot of possibilities here and this movie is getting more interesting by the day!

Here’s the takeaway: a group of guys in black all kneel around something surrounded by smoke and what appears to be fire. We don’t think it looks anything like the beehive huts also on Ahch-To, and it doesn’t make sense to us for it to be a funeral given previous sequences we have described. Because to the nature of smoke and fire, and the overcast weather of this location, it is difficult to ascertain exactly what we’re looking at.

The photo of the location showed up at TheForce.Net Jedi Council forums:


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