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Hey guys,

Sorry (not sorry) to bring up something non-Star Wars here. Fans of our Star Wars podcast often like the bits Randy and I create there. After a few episodes of “Keeping up with the Joneses,” our Indiana Jones podcast, we decided it would be fun to do a comedic take on the paranormal podcast. But it we ended up creating a whole world and cast of characters for our new project, “Ghost Fancy,” instead. With “Ghost Fancy” we take “true” paranormal accounts from the Internet and reenact them in a ridiculous manner. The show is hosted by Colonel Howl Olivier Ween and his indentured servant Indigo Cadaviar.

The story is like this: Ghost Fancy magazine is closing its doors because paranormal journalism is not what it used to be. The death of print is killing Ghost Fancy magazine and Howl’s servant decides to bring stories from the Internet to help them produce  one last elegant issue.

Art by Jared Jones

Each arc or series of “Ghost Fancy” will consist of six episodes. The show will release weekly. Right now we have written 18 episodes consisting of three series of this show. The bookends that set up the “bits” or Internet stories also have larger story in total. Episode 2 of “Ghost Fancy” will be out next Monday.

Randy and I write and perform many characters on the show. Sal Perales of “Now, This is Podcasting!” is part of the  main cast. Tracy from “Rebel Grrrl” also does a reading in the second episode. All the artwork for the show has been done by Jared Jones.

We hope if you like the podcast, monsters, ghosts, and the ridiculous you’ll check out GhostFancy.com. It really does take the first three episodes to get the total flavor and idea of the show so we hope you’ll check out our first episode about the black-eyed kids reports. The second episode is themed on ghosts and ghost hunting while the third is all about alien abduction.

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-Jason Ward

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