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Entertainment Weekly reveals new info on characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story week over at Entertainment Weekly, which means throughout today and the rest of the week, a ton of Rogue One news will drop. Check out there reveal on some of the new characters from the film! So to break down everything:

Jyn Erso: 

•Has knowledge of the Galactic Underworld that the Rebels need.

•Has been on her own since 15.

•She has a checkered past.

•If she helps the Rebels it will commute her sentence.


Captain Cassian Andor:

•He is a Rebel captain.

•He is brought in to steady Jyn.

•He has a lot of experience.



Chirrut Imwe

•He’s not a Jedi, but he’s devoted to their ways to use his spiritually to overcome his blindness and become a better warrior.

•He’s a “warrior monk” as Kathleen Kennedy describes him.


Baze Malbus

•He’s devoted to keeping his friend, Chirrut, safe at all costs.

•He supports that Chirrut believes in the ways of the Force, even though he doesn’t believe.

•He’s a weapons expert


Bodhi Rook 

•He’s the rebel squads lead pilot.

•He’s hot headed, but gets the job done.

•Everyone relies on him for his techinical skills.



•He’s a security droid.

•Has a little of Chewbacca’s personality, totally opposite of C-3PO.

•Like Erso, he’s on this mission to make up past wrongs.

•He speaks the truth even if it offends someone.

Galen Erso 

•Jyn’s father.

•He has doomsday knowledge that’s sought out by both the Empire and the Rebels. (Death Star?)

•Has not seen Jyn in years.


Director Orson Krennic

•He controls a squad of Deathtroopers.

•He is trying his best to avoide the wrath of Darth Vader.

•Wants to ascend into the Emperor’s graces.

•Darth Vader is his enforcer.



Forest Whitaker’s character will be revealed at 2 PM EST. Entertainment Weekly notes that Star Wars fans will know right off the bat who he is and what he’s past was about when they reveal his name, and more. Continue to check back here throughout the day for more Rogue One news.

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