“Force Cult” Episode 66

It’s time to execute EPISODE 66!

GG isn’t with us this week but will return next week to keep us in line, or try anyway.

Jeordie had a Birthday! What did he get?

Reel Talk

  • Character names/bios
  • Stormtrooper doll
  • Deathtroopers
  • Saw Gerrera/Clone Wars connection
  • TFA comic Issue #1


  • Star Wars VR
  • Unnamed game set around Rebels/ANH
  • Next Battlefront (TFA?)

Black Market

  • MAFEX Rey and Vader
  • General toy talk and ranting


  • Fav non star wars toy line when you were a kid?
  • How does Vader poop?
  • What’s something you wish you could do but can’t? Like a job or skill
  • Favorite fast food?

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