Funko Announces Two Star Wars Comic-Con Exclusives (and Indy)!

Over the last couple of weeks, Funko has been announcing various waves of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives on its blog but no Star Wars exclusives had been included. Today, on its eighth wave of announcements, Funko finally announced two of its Star Wars exclusives:

Han with Chewbacca bowcaster:


Thumbs-up BB-8:


The rumor is that these two exclusives might be available at retailers as well. That’s good news as the Thumbs-up BB-8 had been rumored for quite some time and will be highly sought after. Let me take this opportunity to mention that this exclusive is exactly why Funko is at the top of the collectibles game. The company was the first to have a chrome Captain Phasma Pop all the way back in December, it has continued to release consistently great Star Wars (and in particular, The Force Awakens) figures throughout 2016 (including the first TFA Luke Skywalker toy) and now this amazing Thumbs up BB-8 which just shows how in-tune Funko is with the fan community. That’s probably because the creative minds behind Funko are huge fans themselves.

To further bolster my point, here is a non-Star Wars related exclusive Funko announced today that fans have been asking for for a long time:


Just perfect.

Funko has teased a big announcement next Wednesday and a couple of bonus waves to come. More to come!


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