It’s a boy! Leia senses her son in Mashable’s exclusive Aftermath: Life Debt excerpt

Our friend Chris Taylor at Mashable, author of the book How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, has scored a really cool new excerpt from Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath sequel Aftermath: Life Debt. This one focuses on Leia using the Force to sense things around her. I have a feeling this book is going to be quite satisfying to Expanded Universe fans. You’ll need to visit Mashable for the full excerpt, but here’s a little taste.

This goes beyond all that. This is something separate from her. It isn’t a physical feeling. It is all around her. It suffuses her like the perfume from a jungle of flowers. As such, she is suddenly aware of her child’s mind and spirit: She senses pluck and wit and steel blood and a keen mind and by the blood of Alderaan is this one going to be a fighter!



It’s a boy.

It’s a boy.

Aftermath: Life Debt is out July 12th.

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