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Mafex Reveals Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey 6″ figure!

We posted an article a few months back about the brand new Unmasked Kylo Ren, BB-8, C-3PO and Captain Phasma Mafex 6″ figures. Since then I have been really wanting them to make a Rey figure. Today The Fwoosh discovered an ad that is promoting Rey and Darth Vader Mafex figures. I’m very impressed with this particular Rey as she comes with her lightsaber, staff, alternate head, blaster, and to make it even better, the X-Wing helmet that she wears on Jakku. The face sculpt is pretty great on this figure as well.


This version of Darth Vader is from Revenge Of The Sith. He comes with a burnt Anakin head sculpt, as well as his traditional helmet. With Vader being back in the mix with Rogue One, I can see this figure being in even higher demand. These are both due out in early 2017 and should have a price tag of $65 or less.

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