“Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners” EP 9: Old Glory.


On this episode of “Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners,” Johnny and Hawes fly SOLO like a Han… and Johnny freestyle raps! (yes, its true)

  • 90th and the 100th iTunes REVIEWS! SO TWO MORE ROGUE WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Someone wins the Celebration 3 Darth Vader!!
  • Johnny, in his excitement for the 100th review, breaks out into a freestyle rap!
  • Jonny and Hawes read the two winning iTunes Reviews! 1st time ever on “Rogue Won”!
  • Johnny and Hawes talk E3 Star Wars Video Gaming!
  • Johnny is interviewed by TGR Presents
  • Hawes admits to a dark hobby… and it is GLORIOUS
  • Rogue Winners take the wheel and our listeners contribute to, “Johnny’s Voicemail” and the ever popular “Dude… F that guy”
  • Collecting with Hawes discusses Celebration Europe Swag and exclusives!
  • Of course Johnny takes on “THE” Boba Fett… NO, NOT Jeremy BullochDaniel LoganJason Wingreen, or even the Holiday Special’s Don Francks… the other other OTHER guy no one knows (but he’s trying!)
  • The Rogue Winners’ Circle of listener e-mail and more much much more!

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