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Rumor: The Force is with a beloved character in Star Wars VIII and who is not Rey’s father

Please do not share the following openly on social media as to not spoil Star Wars: Episode VIII for anyone who does not wish to know information ahead of time.


A new rumor hit the IMDB forums today about Leia in Episode VIII. The user Mr_Ghostfast_Lives did have some superficial facts about The Force Awakens correct before the film was released including locations in the film and sets, but as always, take the following rumor for what it is, and have fun with it.

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The blacked-out portion of the post says that Leia uses the Force in Episode VIII to save herself from the attack that takes her out of the mix for a bit. This is one of those rumors that could very well be fabricated or exaggerated, but it’s damn fun to speculate on its possibility. I think General Organa fans and probably Expanded Universe fans have wanted to see Leia using her Force powers for a long time. I’m digging this one, that’s for sure.

Additionally, Mr_Ghostface_Lives claims that Luke is definitely not Rey’s father. He says Luke being revealed to be Rey’s father does not happen in Episode VIII or IX and that it’s even clear in The Force Awakens that Luke and Rey have no relation. This isn’t going to convince anyone, so shine on Rey Skywalker fans, but nonetheless, there it is.

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